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Relationship Goals:

A deep vocal album exploring different dimensional frequencies that naturally exist within the multiverse. An excellent way to meditate and manifest healthy relationships into your life.

"Why you always walk away? Why you won't let me explain? Why you wanna play these games got your ego in the way" ~ EZ

Food For Thought:

A complete spiritual album with frequencies integrated to guarantee manifestation, positivity, financial gain, and peace. This album is meant to heal the soul and eliminate anything compromising it. 

"Looking for the gold in the lust you drown, feeling like a clone you can't make a sound, and money ain't the goal keep your soul in line" EZ

Trials and Tribulations:

This album dives into certain issues we face daily that could possibly deter us from our true nature. EZ has implemented frequencies that combat distractions. This album is full of RnB, Rock, and a little pop a great variety of genres.

"Watching your tv you sit on your couch, your heart is telling you time to get out, Playing your games excessive amounts, Fighting depression you need to get out." EZ


This is a Mockery:

An album that mocks the trends that are promoted heavily in the music industry. EZ expresses herself in many different styles to convey her diversity and vocal intensity. This album is the perfect example of a good time.

"Gripping on sight, fingers grip on triggers, body bag boys let me call my niggas, big ups, winners, chin up, killers Addida tracksuit no blood no spill up." EZ



This album is full of many different styles, it represents the beginning of spiritual evolution. Self discovery and understanding that not everything you see is truth. We live in a mental matrix this album exposes that.

"I wanna be mile high, i wanna get right yeah, i need to be Righteous in my life."

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