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Wealth is a mind set, are you thinking like a wealthy person?

Did you know our subconscious mind is responsible for 90% of our brain activity? We are the programmers of our reality. Environmental components also play a huge role in shaping a human mind and personality traits. We have senses that our subconscious mind is responsible for translating to our bodies. Ever wondered how, without conscious thought we move our arms and legs? Our brains are the catalysts of generating and storing endless amounts of information and bringing our ideas to life. So how do we master the sense that we are wealthy?

How to reprogram your subconscious mind

Manifesting and affirming your life is the first step to reprogramming your brain. Words bring about certain frequencies and energetic pulses that alert the universe and cause your reality to be exactly what you think. We can increase our vibrancy on a molecular level by eating energetic alkaline foods allowing our bodies to store and emit an electric charge.

Let's think of wealth as energy. If one admits to oneself countless times that they can't afford something, those thoughts would emit energy that deflects wealth. On the other hand if one admits they accept wealth and abundance, those thoughts would attract wealth. It's important to say daily affirmations that are powerful and positive to maintain a high vibration. Let's be honest wealth starts with the law of attraction. Our thoughts become our actions, our actions become our destiny. We should take those steps that bring us closer to what we manifest.



Affirmation plays a huge role in manifestation. A helpful transitioning tool are affirmation cards. Reading our goals out loud is a great way to shape our subconscious mind and program the reality we want to acquire.

The reason we start with the law of attraction when manifesting wealth is because as we began to vibrate on the frequency of wealth the opportunities and actions we need to obtain wealth will be revealed to us. It's the beginning of every idea and creation. Think about it, if someone wants a job they say "Im going to get a job." that's the manifestation. The next step would be applying to jobs which is the action required to bring the manifestation to life.

A great place to start diving into becoming a major manifester is to use an affirmation guide. Many people are offering their services as spiritual teachers who master the art of manifestation. As recommendation Eternal Zion creates 7 page digital PDF affirmation guides. Her guides include breathing exercises, alkaline foods to increase vibration, and 20 affirmations for 5 subjects of your choice. To purchase a wealth guide link is below.

Becoming the best version of ourselves starts with portraying the mindset of who we want to be.

Once we set our goals we simply live freely allowing the universe to connect us to all the things we need to complete our goals.

Patience is a virtue why be upset about something we don't have when we've already been granted it?

Goodluck to all those who are new to manifestation I hope that they will master the law of attraction and began living their true desired reality. Let's manifest a better world for this generation and the next.


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