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A 7 page spiritual guide tailored to spiritual growth in the realms of LOVE, TRANSFORMATION, PEACE, HEALTH, AND WEALTH! 

  • an included list of spiritual foods that aid in decalcifying the pineal gland
  • a divine breathing excercise that charge the chakras aiding manifestation
  • a spiritual fasting schedule that will accelerate spiritual growth


These spiritual guides, if followed correctly, will guarantee the manifestation of a thoughtful, effervescent spiritual being who will know the full potential of themselves. These routines should be done day and night until your thoughts have completely transformed your life in the subject matter.


When fasting and in general be sure to drink plenty of water no less than a gallon of spring water daily.


Eternal Zion is not a licensed health practictioner, these guides are simple recommendations that aid the spirit in manifestation and transformation.



  • Eternal Zion has all creative and respective rights in conjunction to but not limited to all content displayed on this website;, should not be used by any other entity other than Eternal Zion. 

    Please refer to Terms and Conditions.

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