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This book is a 45 page PDF document that explains step by step how to eliminate your debts. Included in this product are very detailed example letters and templated that can be used for challenging any debt. 


Here are the benefits of having this book:

  • Learn all the laws that protect us as consumers
  • Learn how to negotiate contracts and remove them from your report
  • Learn the history of banking and consumerism
  • Learn how to use debt validation
  • Learn how to eliminate your student loan debt
  • Learn how to instantly become debt free
  • Complete step by step guide to eliminating debt with letter proof examples 
  • Learn how to discharge debts from banks, corporations, collection agencies, car loans, house loans, and more


This book is designed in a way that even those new to this information can read this book and apply the knowledge. We want to provide a way for everyone to have access to this knowledge all in one place and eventually use this information to their advantage.


This product is not to be edited, shared, resold, or publicly posted. This document belongs to Eternal Zion and is considered confidential between Eternal Zion and the buyer of this product.

How to eliminate debt

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