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Discharge Debt - Webinar

This webinar will cover all necessary information that will aid in the process of successfully discharging debt. This product is a pre recorded webinar that will be in the form of a zoom link giving you access to view the webinar. This webinar is for educational purposes only.


This webinar will discuss how to successfully file a 1099a or 1099c for cancellation of debt. This method can be used by someone who is not an SPC.

Stamp Endorse

This webinar will discuss the importance of the stamp endorse method and how to enforce it. Also mentioned are the terms and education of how these methods work.

Discharge Debt guide

This webinar is best when paired with the discharge debt guide as that is also mentioned in the webinar. The steps in that book are easy to follow.

Discharge Debt - Webinar

We have emailed you an exclusive link to view our webinar. Thank you for your purchase!

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