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  • 27 pages of pure information!
  • List of all business entities including non profit organizations.
  • Includes pros and cons of starting each business.
  • Breakdown of all documentation needed to officialize your business
  • Special information on 508(c)1a ministry


This book includes very detailed information on how a business is formed and the legalizations that should be of concern when forming a business.  This book also includes how to successfully build a 508 (C)1A faith based organization and why its beneficial. A great book if your interested in business formation and knowledge on legal entities. 


This business guide contains:

  • Rare apllicable knowledge of 508(C)1A and FBO's
  • Full definitions of each business entity
  • A detailed list of pros and cons of forming each business
  • A detailed breakdown of all the legal documentation needed to legalize a business
  • Web links to sources that lead you to more detailed information about businesses
  • 27 page PDF document with table of contents


This book is designed in a way that even those new to this information can read this book and apply the knowledge. We want to provide a way for everyone to have access to this knowledge all in one place and eventually use this information to their advantage.