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Eternal Zion has created a spiritual album that discusses trauma and how to overcome imbalances of the spirit. This album talks about addiction, dreams, success, the universe, positive affirmartations and much more. With an included prayer that can be used anytime the listener needs encouragement through hardships. Eternal Zion wants to heal the world with high frequency music that will repair the DNA and help spread positivity amongst the people of earth. Her vocal intensity and angelic voice is strategically integrated into her preparation of musical projects. 


Includes 10 tracks in a ZIP File device must be compatible with zip files in order to download.


Eternal Zion - Food For Thought (album)

  • The digital files included in this product belong to Eternal Zion and should not be resold or used for any monetary gain nor released on any platform without the consent of Eternal Zion, any such use could lead to a lawsuit by owner of this digital property. See terms of use and copyright policy linked at the bottom of this webpage.

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