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A total of 3 books tailored to all the legal paperwork needed to officially be prepared as a non - citizen national. Includes an 80 page template and example for instructions when filling out this information. Includes a 500 page manual explaining in detail how to leverage this paperwork and how to fill it out. 

This product is a Zip File with multiple documents (zip files may not be compatible with some mobile devices)

Included in this document is as follows; 

  • 14 Page Full scale Security Agreement 
  • Full 500 page Secured Party Creditor manual with very detailed filing instructions and more
  • 80 page template of paperwork to file includes example as well
  • Common Law Copyright claim
  • Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement
  • Form-56
  • W-8ben
  • 100,000,000 Bond For Investment and asset purchase
  • Example and full instructions on how to file UCC Financing Statement
  • UCC Financing Addendum
  • Cover Letter for the secratary of treasury in Puerto Rico for fiduciary duty
  • Chargeback
  • 7 page Declaration of Trust
  • Schedule A for protection of assets and collateral
  • Minutes of initial trust meeting
  • Bill of Sale
  • SS-4 to apply for ein that will be tied to your trust
  • Common law trust deeds of transfer
  • Notification of record template


Also included in this order is step by step instructions on how to file this paperwork properly to secure your status as non-citizen national and have authority to cancel debts as secured party creditor. 


This book is designed in a way that even those new to this information can read this book and apply the knowledge. We want to provide a way for everyone to have access to this knowledge all in one place and eventually use this information to their advantage.


This product is not to be edited, shared, resold, or publicly posted. This document belongs to Eternal Zion and is considered confidential between Eternal Zion and the buyer of this product.

Secured Party Creditor Manual/Paperwork

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