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Zion Community


Zion Community:

Zion is a community that is creating strategic holistic remedies to how humanity should coincide with the earth's natural formation and frequencies with all creations placed beneath, and above the surface of earth. 

We are building societal structures that will introduce humanity to a new way of living that will initially help raise the vibrational frequencies of earth and offer humanity the solution to how we should be treating the earth with great care and concern for it survival and in return our own.

This means we will use all proceeds and the generosity given to our cause to build natural homes, use of holistic science, alkaline foods and water, complete holistic cities with clean air and resources, esoteric knowledge and educational systems, natural elements and renewable energy, natural medicine, longevity of human life, and overall happiness of all universal beings that reside on planet earth.

We will lead by example and completely dismantle all corrupted governmental entities ran by dark forces who exist in power, capatilism, greed, war, and low vibrational energy.



Zion Community:

The course of humanity is on the brink of extinction. We have caused great damage the earth's natural frequencies, magnetic field, natural gravitational pull, and planetary alignments. We must as one become harmonious to how we treat our home planet earth. We have consented long enough to governmental tyranny, greed, and destruction of our ecosystem. It's time for us to stop living in fear and allowing these dark evil forces to govern us with politics, unlawful treatment, division, racial discrimination, poisonous programing, distracting entertainment, and destruction of the human genome. They feed us poison and give us unlawful remedies that continue to poison us and our home planet. We will make a stand and show them lawfully how we should be treated in accordance with earth.



Phase 1

  • Zion will establish itself as an organization that is under code 508C(1A) to ensure maximum access to all generosities and proceeds that will be used for investing in our creations 

  • Raise 5000$ to secure all paperwork and lawful structure needed for our survival as a community

  • Organize community council, strategically structure our departments, and establish trust within the community

  • Create a thorough constitution and solidify it by having community members sign and agree to our amendments, terms and conditions, and way of life.

phase 2

  • Invest into a headquarters where all zion community council members, volunteers, advocates, engineers, and those that work for our community to reside and accomplish our goals.

  • Organize community members successfully by specific expertise and skill sets

  • Raise 10,000$ to begin structuring our headquarters and purchase necessary materials

  • Start up our canvassing department to allow community members to ask for donations and generate revenue for both the community and themselves

  • Location of headquarters will be in the United States, California

phase 3

  • Develop a social app that will organize all community creations and allow the universal beings of planet earth a platform to express freely and promote organic holistic products 

  • Raise 50,000$ to ensure we make use of the greatest technological software to support our ideas of app features and professional essential back end, front end, and internal programming 

  • Promote app on other social media platforms where the community of zion is authentically represented and advocated for

  • Launch a multitude of holistic products that the Zion community will create in order to offer humanity alternative healing methods, merchandise, and items that will also allow our community to represent us publicly.

phase 4

  • Launch a very strategic marketing plan that will ensure our community reaches a specific audience that will signup for our social app, give monthly and one time donations to our cause and participate in our community events

  • Systematic retargeting of website visitors and subscribers to build leads and increase conversion rates

  • Raise 5,000$ to begin investing into a  marketing plan for the community 

  • Hire a full marketing team to work for and represent the Zion community to continue progressing and reaching a broader audience


Zion's next phases of building include taking after the natural geometrically shaped, peaceful and holistic city of Auroville. This city is located in India where they created a safe space for people to live freely and amongst one another in the most natural way of oneness and spirituality, Here there are no religions, no tyrannical leaders, no pollution, and the generosity of its existence come from the people. Zion will dedicate itself on building such beautiful cities as this one. We will be successful in offering the experience to the multitude of humanity at some point by taking all proceeds and investing into these essential structures to support humanities growth into ascension and higher dimensional planes.

This is why we are creating businesses and multiple streams of revenue to not only be able to provide these resources and build these cities but to also create organic alternative methods to offer these healing products to the public, essentially fueling humanity and building our communities simultaneously. 


Phase 5

  • Zion will use proceeds to invest in building within this existing economy natural food markets that offer the public access to holistic foods and alkaline water

  • Zion will raise 800,000$ to invest into land to begin our own agricultural department and use our own harvest to fill up our markets with real holistic foods with high nutritional value to the public

  • Zion will raise 500,000$ to open our very first grocery store. Franchise it to have a distinct market model, suppliers, and necessities to put in other areas.

  • We will offer local vendors who dedicate their services to providing holistic products an opportunity to display their brand and sell their products in our stores

  • We will create a database where those suppliers can register their business with our markets to guarantee trust 

phase 6

  • Focus on expansion of markets in other states, countries, and cities to ensure the community of Zion can provide necessary components of survival such as non gmo foods, alkaline water, and eventually natural homes.

  • Use 1,000,000$ of revenue to create at least 4 more Zion markets in different areas , this will expand our reach into other areas and offer more to the community

  • Zion community will open at least 3 more offices to expand our reach to other cities and offer more community jobs and begin building a more sufficient revenue to help sustain our future communities

  • Zion will begin launching our own ministry where people of the community can gather and learn more about spiritual esoteric knowledge

phase 7

  • We will focus on marketing our memberships to reach up to 50,000 members who are willing to donate monthly and in return have free access to our app, 35% off all purchases of zion products and firsthand notice to when our natural cities are being built 

  • We will use proceeds up to 2,000,000$ to purchase land, hire construction, and purchase necessary resources to begin building a community in either Panama, Belize, or countries that allow foreigners to own land with no restrictions  

  • We will use 200,000$ to purchase 3D natural home printer from wasp to begin with smaller community projects and housing

  • We will organize specific long term members to grant them access the new communities being built

  • We will use proceeds to hire architects and construction workers that specialize in natural buildings and holistic technology that coincides with earth's natural frequencies

phase 8

  • We will implement our own system of currency by creating a cryptocoin that will essentially allow our community to mass adopt our own currency and keep circulation within the community which will ultimately increase our value. 

  •  Raise at least 200,000$ to invest in our cryptocurrency

  • We will implement structures within our private community towns like schools, hospitals, creative spaces, recreational facilities, museums, event venues, markets, restaurants, and spas.

  • We will invest in renewable energy sources, holistic technology, gadgets, phones, internet and satellites.

  • We are projecting an amount of 5,000,000$ to invest in all creations to make this community town efficient

  • This phase will end when our community is fully sustainable and ready to be populated by the community.


We will provide all necessary components needed for survival and longevity of human life. We will create within the system a great amount of resources that will aid in the enlightenment, health, survival, and education for all of humanity to thrive as one in accordance to all universal laws that govern us written in the stars as the light of this world.

We the people deserve to be treated fairly and we should have a say in all economic structures built upon our home planet earth.

These are examples of what we will implement:

  • Market (food, water, and agriculture)

  • Crypto Coin (public would use to purchase our products)

  • Holistic Technologies (Phones, gadgets, electronics)

  • Social App (for community based building and interacting)

  • Holistic Cities (a whole town dedicated to our cause with our businesses)

  • Homes (natural homes for natural living)

  • Natural Herbal Medicine and Hospitals (access to health care)

  • Energy (natural energetic resources)

  • Arts and Expression (music, art, all things dealing with human expression)

  • Educational services and schools (access to free education)

  • Satellites, internet, and wifi (access to free internet)

As we continue to build and grow we will update everything we think is necessary for our community to have!


This community will provide the people with resources like, internet, clothes, activities and events, cultural foods, diversity, electronics and gadgets, clean energy, currency, music and responsibilities that will help you sustain a wealthy life. Our community prides itself on the expression and artistic values of the people. Freedom to express without limitations a true community based living experience. 


If you are someone would like to be apart of this movement we are currently accepting donations to get started creating our conglomerate of organic services, businesses, and goods we have put together subscriptions for members to begin donating to our movement. 

We plan on launching our agricultural department first!

All resources needed for survival are the first businesses to be launched we will supply all early members infinite access to all things we build!

We hope to begin launching our businesses by August 2022!


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Thank you for your donation!

Thank you for being apart of this movement!


Please subscribe to our mailing list so that we may update you on all progress our community has made to the efforts of building our conglomerate! We look forward to creating a safe space for all of us to reside.

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